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Books on African history, many topics on ancient Egypt, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, psychology, science, indigenous African studies, sculptures, all types of African inspired music, videos, posters, map, book authors information, music artist information, guest commentators, Newsletters, Discussion board with live Chat, Free Web-base Email and more! Our First World Books and Specialty store is located HERE.
Updated: 07-31-2002 - Hits:2139, Rating: 9.8, Votes:36
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  AMAG/Awareness Magazine, Inc.
Hi I’m Katrina, Research Analyst for AMAG, Inc./Awareness Magazine “For the Conscious Professional” and we are always looking for writers, features, poets and advertisers to join us. Check out our Website or contact James @ 718-699-7707 for more information. Continue to pursue your dreams. Peace
Updated: 03-15-2004 - Hits:2158, Rating: 9.77, Votes:21
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  Short/Austin Family Tree
Austin and Short families of Haywood County, Tennessee from 1813 to present day.
Updated: 08-02-2004 - Hits:2148, Rating: 9.72, Votes:58
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  C & B Book distribution center
african american books sold retail via the internet.
Updated: 04-15-2006 - Hits:2173, Rating: 9.63, Votes:22
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  Watkins and Associates
Currently, Watkins and Associates specializes in HTML programming, development of internet and intranet web sites, database programming and application design for the Windows« environment using Visual Basic«, VBA (Visual Basic for Applications«), Access«,
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2164, Rating: 9.57, Votes:7
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  Austin Short Design
Welcome to Austin Short Design. I can take care of all your graphic design needs, including web, print and mo
Updated: 11-30-2003 - Hits:2145, Rating: 9.48, Votes:20
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  Author Terry A. O'Neal
Translating everyday life into dynamic poetry. Terry A. O'Neal is the aspiring author of the books entitled Motion Sickness, and The Poet Speaks In Black.
Updated: 03-13-2002 - Hits:2154, Rating: 9.48, Votes:19
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  Tyler Perry From homelessness to sheer bliss. Thirty three-year old playwright, director, producer and actor Tyler Perry is truly riding high within the span of only four years.
Updated: 09-29-2002 - Hits:2155, Rating: 9.46, Votes:38
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  African American Health Issues
Comprehensive guide to health issues effecting the black community provides articles, a newsletter, and disease-specific prevention information.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2182, Rating: 9.4, Votes:20
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  Sheryl Underwood
Sheryl dares to say what people really want to do: discussing sex, politics, current events and relationships in a style reminiscent of Jackie "Moms" Mably, Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2174, Rating: 9.33, Votes:36
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  NYC Black Search
NYC Black Search is an African American Search Directory.
Updated: 06-07-2006 - Hits:2147, Rating: 9.33, Votes:12
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JazzUSA.Com Online - Monthly Jazz and More
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2133, Rating: 9.32, Votes:33
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  African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem
The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem "A Village of Peace" "And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in...
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2161, Rating: 9.25, Votes:12
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Moses Williams was a member of the 9th U.S. Cavalry from 1866 to``1886 when he was assigned to the 25th U.S. Infantry.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2173, Rating: 9.25, Votes:12
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  Renee McRae Author of
Renee McRae is the Author of "Truth in Rhyme" a book which inspires, empowers, and heals through poetry. Renee McRae's programs include Poetic Performance, Conflict Resolution Series, Poetry Writing Residency, Women's Strategies for Success, Acheiving Effective and Personal Customer Service Skills, Get the Job, and How to Make Money as a Temp.
Updated: 11-05-2004 - Hits:2134, Rating: 9.25, Votes:12
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Your portal to Black culture, entertainment, black music, television, black news, politics, and African American love and romance on the web.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2135, Rating: 9.23, Votes:13
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  Latorial Faison
Welcome to my web site! National Poetry Month is celebrated in April, and I hope that you have taken the time to read some poetry.
Updated: 05-07-2003 - Hits:2136, Rating: 9.23, Votes:9
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  African American Journey: Russwurm, John Brown
Russwurm, John Brown: a hero in black history. A biography of John Brown Russwurm, an African American newspaper editor and abolitionist who in 1827 cofounded Freedom's Journal, the first black newspaper in the United States. Later moved to Liberia.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2156, Rating: 9.2, Votes:5
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  Steve Harvey
The Grammy nominated Steve Harvey remains one of the busiest and most talented comedians working in Hollywood today.
Updated: 04-30-2002 - Hits:2156, Rating: 9.2, Votes:5
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  Kanika African Sculptures
Kanika has lovingly made available to you a distinctive collection of high quality, African-oriented art sculptures. These attractive, one-of-a-kind, ceramic pieces can add a unique and special touch to your home or office and make truly memorable gifts
Updated: 10-22-2003 - Hits:2141, Rating: 9.1, Votes:10
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  Ifejika Okonkwo & Associates
Legal Practice and Education Consultants. We specialize in providing educational, cultural and legal services for International Development Programs in Nigeria.
Updated: 04-25-2002 - Hits:2138, Rating: 9, Votes:9
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  A Blacks and African Americans Site by W3KA Publishing
W 3 K A is a Content, Goods and Services provider. A Blacks and African Americans Site by W 3 K A Publishing is dedicated to the Black People of America.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2132, Rating: 9, Votes:7
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Welcome to BLACKSERMONS.COM,``one of the largest collections of African-American sermons on the Internet for Busy Pastors on the move! The sermons and teaching tools offered here are written in the unique style of the African- American preacher. But the W
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2155, Rating: 9, Votes:5
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  Afro Sentric Arts
Keenan a self taught artist paints in acrylic in an abstract style and also creates sculptures. His art employs strong colors in a mixture of African primative art and Cubism.
Updated: 05-07-2002 - Hits:2149, Rating: 8.88, Votes:8
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  PA Public Relations Company
PA Public Relations Company is a New York based Public Relations Firm.
Updated: 03-21-2006 - Hits:2127, Rating: 8.88, Votes:8
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  ASSATA SHAKUR In Her Own Words
My name is Assata Shakur, and I am a 20th century escaped slave. Because of government persecution, I was left with no other choice than to flee from the political repression, racism and violence that dominate the US government's policy towards people of
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2172, Rating: 8.84, Votes:12
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acapulco gay travel information gay travel to acapulco mexico www acapulcogay com
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2136, Rating: 8.83, Votes:6
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  Da Brat
No summary available
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2134, Rating: 8.83, Votes:6
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  BigUpRadio - Coming to you in 2001 - All Reggae All the Time
BigUpRadio is a brand new Reggae Dancehall station playing 24/7 on the Internet. Playing Barrington Levy, Gregory Isaacs, Frankie Paul and many more!
Updated: 03-30-2002 - Hits:2124, Rating: 8.79, Votes:9
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  BlackcareUK Ltd
hair and beauty retailer of wigs,human & synthetic hair extensions,weaves,hair products and cosmetics.
Updated: 04-15-2006 - Hits:2137, Rating: 8.76, Votes:8
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Welcome to BLACKHOO.COM, your "BLACK Connection To The Web!" Thank you for visiting our site. 
Updated: 09-30-2002 - Hits:2162, Rating: 8.72, Votes:52
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  The American Blues Network
The American Blues Network is a format designed to appeal to the 25-65 year old male and female age group.
Updated: 08-05-2002 - Hits:2149, Rating: 8.71, Votes:7
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  Consolidated Productions
Enter into a door of Musical Enchantments that will expand your horizons with the knowledge of when you think --- you've heard and seen it all, you've only Just begun.
Updated: 08-05-2002 - Hits:2131, Rating: 8.71, Votes:7
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  African American ClipArt & eCards
The Internet's Premier On-line African American ClipArt and eCard provider. Over 1000 color clipart images, and free memberships & custom designs available.
Updated: 05-06-2003 - Hits:2148, Rating: 8.67, Votes:9
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  Ebonylove: Black Central on the Net, Black Women, Black Men, Black Poe...
This site is a shrine to beautiful women and men of color. It also showcase Black Poetry, and more.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2135, Rating: 8.67, Votes:9
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  EthniCity African American Home Decor,Gifts, Art, Books,
Your Online resource for International Ethnic and Cultural News, Information, Products, Services, Resources, Shops, Music, Kids Club,Figurines,Sculptures,Calendars,Pictures,Books,Dolls
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2140, Rating: 8.67, Votes:6
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  Harold Perrineau Jr. as Augustus Hill
Harold Perrineau Jr. as Augustus Hill on the HBO drama Oz. Here you'll find links, photos, fan fiction, artwork and more.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2151, Rating: 8.67, Votes:6
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BlackUSA portal community features news articles, current events, cuisine, afrocentric info, entertainment, jazz and history for Black American to enjoy.
Updated: 11-02-2002 - Hits:2164, Rating: 8.66, Votes:44
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Gigi, a stunning young Ethiopian singer, reaches from the past with a spriritual vision for the future, reminding us of the most fundamental human truths: devotion, harmony, and beauty.
Updated: 05-07-2002 - Hits:2132, Rating: 8.63, Votes:8
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African American owned! Top-notch singles Web site ...
Updated: 04-27-2002 - Hits:2151, Rating: 8.56, Votes:9
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  Angelou, Maya -
Read Angelou's autobiography, check out the texts of some of her work, get Angelou quotes, or listen to the poet read her own work.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2135, Rating: 8.56, Votes:9
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  Black Stylz
Welcome to the redesigned BLACK STYLZ web site. This site now has the black business community in mind. We have added even more features to our site to better serve you and yours. Check your email, get stock updates (we even have a stock ticker), our weat
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2129, Rating: 8.55, Votes:11
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AGEMO 2000 is South Florida's online community of color. It is our intent for AGEMO2000.COM to focus on information generated by: Community Organizations, Social Organizations, Minority Businesses, Greek Organizations, and Religious Organizations.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2126, Rating: 8.5, Votes:6
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  Adirondack Web Design
Providing professional web design services for businesses and community web portals at reasonable prices.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2142, Rating: 8.5, Votes:6
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  Ulysses Dove
Ulysses Dove, a native of Columbia, South Carolina, began studying dance at Boggs Academy in Georgia, continued studying modern dance and ballet during his college years and received his B.A. in dance from Bennington College.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2164, Rating: 8.5, Votes:6
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  Black Womens Network
Black Sites CATEGORIES African Women Organizations African-American Hotels/Bed & Breakfasts Art Black Colleges & Universities Black Newspapers Black Search Engine & Directories
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2115, Rating: 8.5, Votes:6
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  64 Years to Make a Negro!
64 Years to Make a Negro! Alfred Ali PART II: The Negro Was Made in the Image of the Whiteman Creating A Slave 1555-1619 The Instructions of a White Slave-owner
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2136, Rating: 8.5, Votes:6
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The 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion for Historical Data on the 555th Test Platoon - First 16 qualified black paratroopers (1944) Enlisted men of the Test Platoon.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits:2140, Rating: 8.5, Votes:6
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  Black Town
Read the humorous view about Black woman's position in the American politics. Voice opinions via email.
Updated: 05-07-2003 - Hits:2122, Rating: 8.5, Votes:6
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  Mystery Author Gayle Tiller
Author of new Mystery No One Is Innocent which premieres African American private investigator Jasmine Myers. No One Is Innocent is a hilarious, fast paced mystery with twists and turns in the rights places.
Updated: 02-17-2002 - Hits:2139, Rating: 8.43, Votes:7
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