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Banner 2 Banner 10000012 A Glance: A Complete History of the Negro Leagues 1884 to...
- at a glance Customers who``bought this book also bought: Black Diamond; The``Story of the Negro Baseball Leagues; Patricia``McKissack, Fredrick L. McKissack (Contributor) .
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2240, Rating:5.31, Votes:89
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  Colours- African Dancing
Colours is much more than a dance school: it is a way of life. The school was founded in 1999, and has quickly become one of the leading cultural and artistic organizations in Southwest Florida. Every aspect of Colours is designed to give our students: yo
Updated: 12-28-2002 - Hits: 2223, Rating:6, Votes:2
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  Artisan Arts & Gifts Online
We offer affordable African American Art, Gifts, Collectibles, Figurines, Prints, African Imports and Home accents. All at everyday low prices of 30 to 50% OFF!
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2217, Rating:10, Votes:1
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  The National Black Theatre Festival (NBTF)
Larry Leon Hamlin founded the National Black Theatre Festival (NBTF) in 1989. His goal was to unite black theatre companies in America and ensure the survival of the genre into the next millennium
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2216, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Ananzi South Africa - Search Engine
South Africa's no.1 search engine.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2213, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Cricket Hill Golf
Cricket Hill Golf - The Pocono's premiere 18 hole golf course.
Updated: 03-23-2003 - Hits: 2203, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Africans in Europe
Africans in Europe, political concerns, cultural aspects, background information to African Nations.
Updated: 03-20-2002 - Hits: 2200, Rating:8.28, Votes:250
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  John Henrik Clarke Africana Library
The John Henrik Clarke Africana Library provides a special collection focusing on the history and culture of people of African ancestry. The library supports the curriculum of Cornell University's Africana Studies & Research Center.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2198, Rating:0, Votes:0
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   Loren Miller Bar Association-Home Page
The LMBA is an affiliate member of the National Bar Association whose purpose is the advancement of the social and economic well-being of its largely African-American membership...
Updated: 08-07-2009 - Hits: 2198, Rating:10, Votes:1
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  African Slave Trade Patrol
1820-1861 Long illegal, the infamous slave trade was declared by Congress in 1819 to be piracy, and as such, punishable by death. The Navy's African Slave Trade Patrol was established to search for and bring to ...
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2196, Rating:5, Votes:2
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  African American Culture
Welcome to the SorrelBody African American Culture website. Please read this webpage. If you haven't already done so, please consider taking my survey.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2196, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Busy WebSites - Quality at Affordable Prices
A website design, development, and publishing firm. Home pages, website design, hosting, and business internet consulting.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2194, Rating:10, Votes:3
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  Welcome to home page
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2194, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  African Heritage Network
African Heritage Network (AHN) was established in 1993 by Alto-Marc Communications to highlight the history and culture of African-Americans through television.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2194, Rating:1, Votes:1
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  Soul In Motion Players, Inc.
A non-profit performing arts organization specializing in Theatre, African Drumming and Dance Since 1984.
Updated: 05-06-2002 - Hits: 2190, Rating:10, Votes:1
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There has been much written about Baltimore City and it's African American Communities over the past years. Much of if has been negative some positive . This is my tribute to those who came before me. Good and Bad.  A work in progress for those who are yet to come.
Updated: 09-19-2002 - Hits: 2190, Rating:0, Votes:0
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Sankofa is an Akan word that means, "We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward; so we understand why and how we came to be who we are today." Written, directed and produced by Ethiopian-born filmmaker Haile Gerima, SANKOFA is a powerful film about Maafa-the African holocaust.
Updated: 05-12-2003 - Hits: 2189, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Monroe Free Press
Presents local and national news relating to African American issues. With a community calendar and links to sports and entertainment.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2189, Rating:7, Votes:3
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  African American Web Connection
An Afrocentric Cyber Gateway for the Entire Family. Comprised of over two dozen``web pages with sections on Churches, Businesses, Art, Entertainment, Prominent``People, Publications, etc
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2188, Rating:5.16, Votes:77
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  African Presence In America Before Columbus
Traditionally history had been taught from a eurocentric point of view. The reason is the content of education, textbooks, religious teachings and the Bible itself had been controlled for 500 years by Europeans. Sometimes this point of view obscures rea
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2185, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Ysaye Barnwell
This page presents the published compositions and arrangements of Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell. Compositions which have been Recorded by Sweet Honey In The Rock are indicated by ITALICS.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2185, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  B.A.D. - Braids and Dreds
B.A.D. uses the latest in braiding techniques setting natural hair trends and creating hair fashion history for the women of Richmond and outlying areas.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2185, Rating:1, Votes:1
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  QEM Network
Quality Education for Minorities. Features overview of the nonprofit organization, brief descriptions of their programs and resource.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2185, Rating:0, Votes:0
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The AbstractBlack vision is to provide an arena for positive and creative minds to Breathe through Afrikan inspired Arts.
Updated: 02-27-2004 - Hits: 2184, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Brooklyn Boy Online
Our mission is to help you to "Bridge The Gap Between Your Dreams And Success". We publish and distribute products designed to help folks learn about the music business.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2183, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Men in Black
You will need these plugin-ins for the full MIB experience. ¬ 2000 Columbia Tristar Interactive. GET QUICKTIME! GET FLASH! GET SHOCKWAVE! SPE!
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2183, Rating:0, Votes:0
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Institute for Urban and Minority Education. Includes research and policy analysis projects, public forums, youth programs, and more.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2182, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  African American Health Issues
Comprehensive guide to health issues effecting the black community provides articles, a newsletter, and disease-specific prevention information.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2182, Rating:9.4, Votes:20
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  Bob Baldwin
Here's the latest word from Europe ``Bob Baldwin's latest CD personifies an artist who is maturing into a world-wide talent. With 'Bob,' the mixture of soulful grooves culminating in the exquisite ' I Wish ' together with the jazz-funk of 'Fun
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2182, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre
dedicated to bridging the gap between ages, races, communities and cultures through dance and music, especially black/African arts.
Updated: 05-01-2002 - Hits: 2182, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  We Shall Overcome -- Brown Chapel AME Church
National Park Service offers a guide to the starting point of the Selma-to-Montgomery March, a pivotal event in the Civil Rights movement.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2181, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  mbad african bead museum
Our mission is to build and organize collection of beads,beadworks,textiles,carving and other artificts which exemplify the range of material culture of African people.
Updated: 11-10-2003 - Hits: 2180, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Ain't I A Woman
Audrey Taylor is actress, motivational speaker and trainer. See her in her highly acclaimed show. Available for engagements
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2180, Rating:9, Votes:1
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The official Chuck Berry website.
Updated: 12-19-2002 - Hits: 2179, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Rhapsody in Black
Literary journal showcases creative African-American literary and visual artists. Read news, browse archives, and subscribe.
Updated: 04-06-2002 - Hits: 2179, Rating:10, Votes:1
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original art for sale online, representing over 170 British artists in the UK
Updated: 03-21-2004 - Hits: 2178, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Boston African American National Historic Site Home Page
Welcome to the Expanded Site of the Boston African American National Historic Site Basic Information Hours, Address,``Fees, Directions Virtual Tour A completed interactive tour of the Black Heritage Trail Events Calendar of events held around Boston Educa
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2176, Rating:4.9, Votes:90
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African-American AIDS, Support-Services, and Survival Institute provides health and wellness services in Los Angeles and surrounding communities.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2176, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Harlem Gospel Choir, Harlem Gospel Choir: Listen to the CD on
You too can "feel the spirit" of The Harlem Gospel Choir as they bring about a better understanding of the African-American Culture as it relates to the black church and gospel music. The Choir performs for over 3 million people a year
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2174, Rating:5.57, Votes:30
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Resource for improving networking skills and opportunities, and disseminating valuable information for people of African descent.
Updated: 09-30-2002 - Hits: 2174, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Sheryl Underwood
Sheryl dares to say what people really want to do: discussing sex, politics, current events and relationships in a style reminiscent of Jackie "Moms" Mably, Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2174, Rating:9.33, Votes:36
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Moses Williams was a member of the 9th U.S. Cavalry from 1866 to``1886 when he was assigned to the 25th U.S. Infantry.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2173, Rating:9.25, Votes:12
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  277 Secrets Your Cat Wants You to Know, part of the cat book webcircle
Here's just some of the short fun easy-to-read sections in this book 10 ways to get your cat to love you more * 7 secrets signs your cat will attack--and 4 ways to stop it * Cats who stop using the litter box-- and what to do * 15 things that stop your ca
Updated: 02-18-2002 - Hits: 2173, Rating:6.67, Votes:6
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  C & B Book distribution center
african american books sold retail via the internet.
Updated: 04-15-2006 - Hits: 2173, Rating:9.63, Votes:22
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Welcome to “ Gallery", The Official Charles Bibbs Web Site. We specialize in African American fine art prints, gift items, Images Magazine, and providing the art collector with valued information.
Updated: 09-24-2002 - Hits: 2172, Rating:0, Votes:0
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  Black History Month
Explore Black History on the Web Black Pioneers These thumbnail biographies explore African Americans' accomplishments in fields from medicine to space exploration. Influential African Americans of the 20th Century This wonderful collection of LIFE
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2172, Rating:4.7, Votes:57
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  ASSATA SHAKUR In Her Own Words
My name is Assata Shakur, and I am a 20th century escaped slave. Because of government persecution, I was left with no other choice than to flee from the political repression, racism and violence that dominate the US government's policy towards people of
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2172, Rating:8.84, Votes:12
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  The Neville Brothers - Valence Street
Enter your email address for Neville Brothers news & updates. The Neville Brothers News: Hey all you "Neville Brothers" fans! "Sessions at West 54th", the acclaimed PBS music series is proud to present "The Neville Brothers" on Wed.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2171, Rating:6.5, Votes:2
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Josephine Baker: Berlin's Negro Entertainer Mock dance she might have done Josephine Baker was an American woman who began her career in Paris as a dancer at the Folies Begere. With her famous Charleston dance wearing nothing but banannas around
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2170, Rating:5.24, Votes:29
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  Democratic Party claims more blacks
HOME Intelligencer Home Intell News Record Home Record News Local Sports Columnists Lotteries Real Estate Classified Ads Employment Automotive Real Estate Obituaries Selective Singles Coupon Clipper Real Estate Newspaper In Education NEIGHBORHOODS.
Updated: 01-01-2002 - Hits: 2170, Rating:4.97, Votes:101
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