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AfroRoots.Com, a black owned Internet search engine portal community was founded by Ricardo Geter in August of 1999. The concept for AfroRoots originated during many countless hours of Internet surfing of popular search engines for afro-centric information. Keyword searches, such as African, Blacks, Colored, Negro and African-American would be entered using traditional search engines that would result in hundreds of pages of unrelated information. From this information you would then have to weed out the information that you were looking for originally.

Frustrated with the many hours lost processing and dissimilating the search results, a vision was formed about having a search engine that could process information regarding African/African-American data that was useful and what you are looking for the first time you search. If you could enter keywords and retrieve exactly what you need from the start this would improve your web surfing experience. AfroRoots number one priority is to provide quality web search results and resources for your use. Often times many users do not have the time to weed out useless information. The average Internet surfers have specific needs and usually want that information on the first search. AfroRoots is building on this concept to be the primary web resource for African and African-American culture, history, education, religion, society, entertainment, art, sports, news media and much more. In addition to providing informational searches, AfroRoots provides other services such as web consulting and feature articles that give personal and candid confessions relating to their specific fields. Also, providing top news articles and entertainment news daily at the click of your mouse.

AfroRoots Shopping Mall is now available for users to buy products and services on our secure on line shopping network. Enjoy buying video games, movies, music, clothing, beauty/hair care products and electronic entertainment systems. AfroRoots Shopping Mall will eventually grow into your one stop online shopping source to help aid you in getting the most out of your web surfing experience while at AfroRoots.Com.

Finally, as much time, financial resources, and long arduous hours that was put into the development of AfroRoots there have been some distracters. Those distracters have published information that AfroRoots is not a black owned search engine company. Nothing can be further from the truth. AfroRoots is black owned!!!

Afroroots is owned solely by its Founder and CEO. The Founder has managed to build this search engine without the resources from corporate sponsors, investors and venture capitalists. By not allowing those factors in to the structure of AfroRoots has made us uniquely qualified to build a strong user base and establish AfroRoots as a major Internet search engine for you to enjoy for years to come.

If you have questions, ideas, and concerns about the content on AfroRoots.Com please contact us. Thanks for your time and enjoy the site while you are here.

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