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    HitsRatingResource A Glance: A Complete History of the Negro Leagues 1884 to...
    22236Colours- African Dancing
    221710Artisan Arts & Gifts Online
    22008.28Africans in Europe
    219810 Loren Miller Bar Association-Home Page
    21965African Slave Trade Patrol
    219410Busy WebSites - Quality at Affordable Prices
    21941African Heritage Network
    219010Soul In Motion Players, Inc.
    21897Monroe Free Press
    21885.16African American Web Connection
    Top 10 Sites by Vote
    250 8.28 Africans in Europe
    116 5.39 Soul Train TV
    107 5.38 Black Wallstreet
    103 4.87 African American Center: Business
    101 4.97 Democratic Party claims more blacks
    97 5.33 Black Basebal's Negro Baseball Leagues, the most comprehensive resource...
    91 5.23 Black History Month on Channel 4000
    90 4.90 Boston African American National Historic Site Home Page
    89 5.31 A Glance: A Complete History of the Negro Leagues 1884 to...
    83 7.35

    Top 10 Sites by Rating
    9.7721AMAG/Awareness Magazine, Inc.
    9.7258Short/Austin Family Tree
    9.6322C & B Book distribution center
    9.577Watkins and Associates
    9.4820Austin Short Design
    9.4819Author Terry A. O'Neal
    9.4638Tyler Perry
    9.4020African American Health Issues
    9.3336Sheryl Underwood

    BlackUSA Daily History Fact Links

    Oscar J Dunn
    Oscar J Dunn elected Lieutenant Govenor

    Lemuel Haynes
    Lemuel Haynes Lemuel Haynes, First black to serve as minister to a white congregation

    William Hastie
    William Hastie Frist black federal judge

    Alice H. Parker
    Alice H. Parker Alice H. Parker received a patent for the gas heating furnace

    National Negro Medical Association
    National Negro Medical Association Founded

    Andrew J Beard
    Andrew J Beard Andrew J Beard invented the "jerry coupler,"

    James H. Meredith
    James Meredith James Meredith became first Black student at University

    L Douglas Wilder
    L Douglas Wilder First Black Governor in the US

    March On Washingtion – 1963
    March On Washingtion March On Washingtion

    Montgomery Bus Boycott
    Montgomery Bus Boycott initiated by the action of Rosa Parks

    Reuben V. Anderson
    Reuben V. Anderson Appointed to Mississippi Supreme Court

    Major Robert H. Lawrence, Jr.
    Robert H. Lawerence Astronaut

    Byrd Prillerman
    Byrd Prillerman Byrd Prillerman, co-founder of Virginia State College

    Louis E. Lomax
    Louis E Lomax Louis E Lomax

    Dr. Benjamin E. Mays
    Benjamin E Mays Benjamin E Mays [highschool of compiler of most of these facts]

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