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    Top 10 Sites by Hits
    HitsRatingResource A Glance: A Complete History of the Negro Leagues 1884 to...
    220510Artisan Arts & Gifts Online
    22026Colours- African Dancing
    218710 Loren Miller Bar Association-Home Page
    21865African Slave Trade Patrol
    218210Soul In Motion Players, Inc.
    21798.28Africans in Europe
    217910Busy WebSites - Quality at Affordable Prices
    21781B.A.D. - Braids and Dreds
    21735.16African American Web Connection
    21707Monroe Free Press
    Top 10 Sites by Vote
    250 8.28 Africans in Europe
    116 5.39 Soul Train TV
    107 5.38 Black Wallstreet
    103 4.87 African American Center: Business
    101 4.97 Democratic Party claims more blacks
    97 5.33 Black Basebal's Negro Baseball Leagues, the most comprehensive resource...
    91 5.23 Black History Month on Channel 4000
    90 4.90 Boston African American National Historic Site Home Page
    89 5.31 A Glance: A Complete History of the Negro Leagues 1884 to...
    83 7.35

    Top 10 Sites by Rating
    9.7721AMAG/Awareness Magazine, Inc.
    9.7258Short/Austin Family Tree
    9.6322C & B Book distribution center
    9.577Watkins and Associates
    9.4820Austin Short Design
    9.4819Author Terry A. O'Neal
    9.4638Tyler Perry
    9.4020African American Health Issues
    9.3336Sheryl Underwood

    BlackUSA Daily History Fact Links

    Otis Redding
    Otis Redding Early R&B Singer

    Operation PUSH
    The Rainbow PUSH Coalition is the product of a social justice movement that grew out of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's (SCLC) Operation Breadbasket. Founded by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Operation Breadbasket sought to combine theology and social justice, and to effect progressive economic, educational, and social policy in America. In 1966, Dr. King appointed Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. to serve as the first director of Operation Breadbasket in Chicago, IL.

    Bebop Fairy Tales by Mark Ruffin
    “Mark Ruffin’s Bebop Fairy Tales captures the heart and soul of the American experience during the 20th century with humor, wit and accuracy, just like the solos of the jazz musicians he uses as his artistic muse. It’s the best kind of history: poetic, noetic and hip.”– Ben Sidran, Musician, Broadcaster, Author of “The Ballad […]

    Charles Richard Drew
    Charles Richard Drew (3 June 1904 - 1 April 1950) was an American physician, surgeon and medical researcher. He researched in the field of blood transfusions, developing improved techniques for blood storage, and applied his expert knowledge to developing large-scale blood banks early in World War II. This allowed medics to save thousands of lives of the Allied forces.

    J Rosamond Johnson
    J Rosamond Jonhson J Rosamond Jonhson, arthor , actor and co-composer

    Lloyd Augustus Hall
    Lloyd Augustus Hall Chemist

    Matthew Ashby
    Matthew Ashby Colonist

    Bridget ‘Biddy’ Mason
    Bridget 'Biddy' Mason Nurse, Philanthropist

    William B. Purvis
    William Purvis of Philadelphia invented and patented improvements to the fountain pen in 1890. William Purvis made several improvements to the fountain pen in order to make a “more durable, inexpensive, and better pen to carry in the pocket.” Purvis used an elastic tube between the pen nib and the ink reservoir that used a suction […]

    Daniel McCree
    D McCree Patented the portable fire escape

    Marie Maynard Daly
    Marie Maynard Daly First black female to earn a Ph.D. in Chemistry

    Yvonne Braithwaite Burk
    Yvonne Braithwaite Burk Yvonne Braithwaite Burk

    Clifford Alexander Jr.
    Clifford Alexander Jr. first black First black Secretary of state

    University of Tennessee
    University of Tennessee Admits 1st Black

    Robert Smalls
    Robert Smalls Union Naval Hero

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